Lucien wanted his hotel to be right in the heart of Paris. Twenty-two rooms in a small corner block in a cosmopolitan area, it’s lively, charming, hip and welcoming all at once. His hotel feels like a friend’s home. A piano, two battered leather sofas, flowers, a few tables, an Italian café, Belgian butter biscuits and architecture books. In the evening, the lobby lights up the dark streets that surround the hotel. This is where your stories and your memories collide with those of the other guests passing through.

This story and concept was entirely devised by our Brussels-based communications agency, and constructed around the personality of the man behind the Hotel Lucien project. So it’s a fictional story, built from real, tangible elements that give life to a completely real concept hotel!

More than a simple hotel branding exercises, Studio Fiftyfify took part in creating a character, a place and an atmosphere. We created the visual identity, storytelling, photographic imagery and a launch campaign on social media and the hotel website. Our branding agency put all its energy and talent behind making this mysterious project a success.